CSCI 3212

The course Syllabus is here.
Practice Final Exam, and solutions (updated).
homework 5.
My lectures are drawn from fantastic online materials from David Mount, and Steven Skienna.
Lecture Notes:
  1. [8/29] Introduction/ Algorithmic Thinking
    1. Lecture 1 approximately followed this lecture by Steve Skienna
    2. Lecture 2 approximately followed Lectures 2, 4 from These lecture notes by David Mount.
  2. Homework 1, PDF version of assignment, and if you like to use LaTeX as a way to write up technical homeworks, I'm also sharing my LaTeX source.
  3. [9/5] Sorting, Quicksort, Mergesort, Bucketsort... we approximately followed these notes from Steve Skienna.
  4. [9/12] Search Trees, and Lower Bound for sorting on page 256-33 of these notes.
  5. [9/19] Hashing.
  6. [9/26] MIDTERM 1 review. Midterm 1 on 9/28.
  7. [10/3] Graphs, Tuesday lecture largely followed these notes, and thursday lecture followed these notes.
  8. Homework 3, due October 17.
  9. [10/10] Graphs II, spanning trees/union find. Notes about Depth First Search, and
  10. [10/17] Minimum Spanning Trees Notes about Prim and Kruskals algorithm for Minimum Spanning Trees, and a Video of the proof of Kruskal's algorithm, Video of Kruskals Algorithm.
  11. [10/24] Shortest Paths Shortest Paths, Dijkstra's algorithm nicely visualized.
  12. [10/31] Dynamic Programming Intro Dynamic Programming, and alternative notes and examples
  13. MIDTERM 2 on 11/9
  14. [11/14] Strings, Search and Edit Distance visualization: .
  15. [11/21] Applications to Computational Biology [Thanksgiving]
  16. [11/29] NP Completeness Lecture Notes. Clear specific proof that independent set is NP-Complete Notes.
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